visual Identity

Established in 2020, Cider is a fashion brand that champions the celebration of everyday happiness. The mission is to craft statement pieces that seamlessly integrate into daily life, igniting feelings of joy, self-expression, and positivity. By embracing the ordinary through a youthful lens, Cider aspires to resonate with diverse cultures and lifestyles, conveying the powerful message that joy is the key to beauty and creativity.

This philosophy not only influences individual style but also promotes the discovery of happiness in life's smallest moments. To encapsulate the essence of our brand, my team and I engaged in extensive conversations with both the marketing and fashion design teams, resulting in the creation of our distinctive brand identity and visual expression.



The rebranding project for Cider, a Gen-Z fashion brand, revolves around the core concept of exuding a vibrant and bubbly energy in every aspect of the brand's visual identity and overall experience. The new brand design captures the essence of youthfulness and joyfulness, creating a dynamic and engaging connection with its Gen-Z audience.


Embodying the brand's values, fashion should be delightful and inclusive for all.
Existing within everyday life, the slogan "Your Closet's Happy Hour" has been crafted.


Rooted in the Canela font, the Cider logotype seamlessly blends sans-serif and serif characteristics. This design choice reflects the brand's commitment to diversity—a testament to its inclusive community that knows no boundaries. Drawing inspiration from the 1970s retro era and the Bely display/Lust typefaces, the logotype's "C" and "R" letters underwent a transformation, merging serifs and stems to achieve a fluid aesthetic. The outcome is a logo that exudes modernity, sophistication, and a warm, inviting welcome.


After thorough consideration, we embraced the idea of utilizing an apple as a representation of Cider's grounded brand essence—an emblem of the everyday. Through a methodical process of design and constant refinement, we arrived at a shape that effortlessly transforms into a heart, butterfly, or bubble. Its unconventional form distinguishes it, encouraging diverse associations. This adaptable symbol encapsulates our brand and culture, finding its place in various applications.


In sync with the brand's essence, we strive to convey a bold, fresh image to our audience. Achieved through high-contrast, energetic colors, our intention is to captivate and engage, leaving a lasting and dynamic impression.


Cider's design system harmoniously communicates a unified brand identity across a diverse array of media contexts that consumers interact with, spanning from packaging and print design in the physical world to email campaigns and product pages within the digital landscape.