Hey there!
I'm Melody Ou, a graphic designer and image-maker currently residing in Los Angeles. To me, design is a thrilling journey of creativity, constantly exploring new angles to effectively communicate ideas. 
I'm passionate about collaboration and always open to new opportunities. Feel free to connect for a chat about creative projects or ideas. ︎

我叫Melody,是一名来自广州/洛杉矶的平面设计师。对我来说创意与设计是一个激动人心的旅程,我热爱不断探索新的视角以有效传达信息与思想。如果您有合作的想法或激动人心的创意想法,期待与您一起讨论哦。 ︎

︎︎︎collage of my hometown Guangzhou, China