brand design/
concept thinking/ visual identity

"Fertil" is a project at the forefront of concept creativity and brand visual identity within the future medical technology sector. This visionary endeavor conceptualizes a fictional line of medical devices tailored for male pregnancy, emphasizing inclusivity and the exploration of alternative family structures. Its central objective is to challenge conventional norms, alleviating the societal pressures linked to pregnancy for individuals of all genders, while steadfastly advocating for genuine gender equality. Ultimately, "Fertil" envisions a world where technology serves as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation, granting every individual the liberty to define their distinct path and identity.

“Fertil” 是以一个虚拟概念开始的创意项目。品牌概念强调包容性和对家庭结构的探索。其核心目标是挑战传统规范,减轻与怀孕有关的社会压力,坚定地倡导真正的性别平等。在我的设想下,Fertil科技能够创造出为男性提供怀孕的技术,在此基调下,为此虚拟科技公司创造了一系列的视觉系统。